Job Openings

RN's and LPN's needed in the following areas:



ADULT CARE in the MANNS CHOICE AREA for an adult on TRACH 3 nights a week 11p-9a or 12a-10a

PEDIATRIC CARE in SWISSVALE AREA for a 3 year old on TRACH/VENT Mon/Wed/Fri 8a-4p, Sun 4a-4p

YOUNG ADULT in ALIQUIPPA AREA for a 19yr old on TRACH/VET/GTUBE M-Fri 7:30a-3:30p to assist to school.

ADULT CARE in GREENSBURG AREA for adult male on VENT and TRACH 6p-6a Nights vary 5-6 Nights a week

ADULT CARE in the NEW KENSINGTON AREA for an adult with a VENT, TRACH, GTUBE M-Sun 8a-4p, 4p-12a.

ADULT CARE in the LEECHBURG AREA for an adult wth a VENT/TRACH. Friday 7:30a-5:30p & Fri/Sat 10p-6a.

ADULT CARE in the NEW CASTLE AREA for a paraplegic with wound care on Sat 11p-7a, Sun 7a-3p.

ADULT CARE in the WEST PITTSBURGH/NEW CASTLE AREA for an adult o TRACH fo Fri 8a-4p.

ADULT CARE in the FARRELL AREA for an adult Quadriplegic fr every other weeknd 7a-4p.

ADULT CARE in the WASINGTON AREA for a 63 year old with Diabetes on a TRACH, hours are flexible 4hrs a day, Mon-Sun.

PEDIATRIC CARE in the WARRENDALE AREA for a 7 year old with seizure disorder, Tues/Thur 8a-4p for summer, for school M-Thur 2:30p-5:30p, Fri 1:3p-5:30p. 

PEDIATRIC CARE in the BROOKVILLE AREA for a child on trach (MUST HAVE TRACH EXP) Thursday - Sun 9:30p-5:30a

PEDIATRIC CARE in the IRWIN AREA for a 12 Year old with anomalies of skin, Tue/Thur 6a-11a, 2p-9p, and ever other Sat/Sun 8a-4p.

ADULT CARE in the CARNEGIE AREA for an adult quadriplegic on a trach/vent Tues-Sat 7a-3p, Mon-Fri 11p-7a.

ADULT CARE in the Mt. PLEASANT AREA for 2 Quadriplegic Adult's with a G-tube Mon-Fri 3p-10p, Sat/Sun 10a-10p.

ADULT CARE  in the NEW KENSINGTON for a ADULT on a trach/vent.  Mon-Sun 4p-12a, Sat/Sun 8a-4p.

ADULT CARE in the SLIPPERY ROCK AREA for an Young Adult who is a Quad Mon 5:30p-9:3p,Wed/Thurs 6:30a-9:30p, 9:30p-6:30a, every othr  Sat/Sun 7a-1p.

ADULT CARE in the INDIANA AREA for an Adult on a trach and G-Tube for every other Sat/Sun 6a-2p, NEW HIGHER RATE!!!!!

ADULT CARE in the SMICKSBURG AREA for a adult paraplegic Fri/Sat 10:30p-6:30a.

ADULT CARE in the CLINTON AREA for an adult with a trach/vent M-F 7a-3p, occassional weekend 7a-3p, 11p-7a

ADULT CARE in the RACOON TWP AREA for an Adult Quad.  Hours needed are 12-16 hour shift, 7:30a-7:30p, 7:30p-7:30a, 7:30a-11:30p, 11:30a-3:30p, 3:30p-7:30a.  MUST BE FLEXIBLE IN SCHEDULE, EXCELLENT RATE!!!

ADULT CARE in the NEW CASTLE AREA for a adult wit a TBI, G-tube days vary every other weekend 7a-7p.

ADULT CARE in the NEW CASTLE AREA for a adult paraplegic with wound care Sat 11p-7a, Sun 7a-3p.


HHA's and CNA's needed in the following areas:

SEWICKLEY M-F 3p-6:30p

NEW KENSINGTON Tue/Wed/Fri 9:30a-12:30p

WEXFORD M-F 3:30p-8:30p & Sat FLEX HRs

MARS M-F 8p-11p

BETHEL PARK Mon/Tue 12p-7p & Sat 4hrs FLEX


NORTH HILLS AREA Mon-Fri 3p-5:30p


SLIPPERY ROCK AREA Mon/Wed/Fri for 8a-5p


NORTH HUNTINGTON Mon-Fri 9a-6p (summer) Mon-Fri 3p-6p (school)

DARLINGTON Sat/Sun 6:30p-9:30p

LOWER BURRELL M-F 3p-7:30p & Sat. 9a-6p


NORTH HILLS M/W/F 9a-1p & Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun 4p-7p

FARRELL Sat/Sun/Mon 9a-5p & 11hrs throughout the weekdays

BETHAL PARK M/Tue 12:30p-7p & Sat 12p-4p

DARLINGTON Sat/Sun 6:30p-9:30p

RICHEYVILLE 3hrs in the morning 5x week